Game Engagement Observation Protocol

How exactly is the experience of playing chess different from playing Bunco? What games are efficient in terms of letting players focus on the content and each other vs. having to think about how to play? The Game Observation Protocol (GEOP) aims to clarify the distinctions among different types of play experience and to provide a way to compare and contrast these experiences across games.


The GEOP is a 6-page instrument for capturing what happens during game play. The observer watches one player for at least 20 minutes, notes the times at which the direction of player engagement changes, and later tags each of these time segments using a scheme that distinguishes among interactions between players, interactions between the player and the game, and self-interactions in which the player looks inward. Download GEOP.

Submit Data

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Important note: the last line of your submission should include the total elapsed time and the phrase "End of Observation" in the notes cell.


See the results of GEOP observations over a number of games.