Boot-Up Camp

Annual New Student Orientation for LDT/EDTEC


This three-day event is our flavor of new student orientation… and more. While the basics of earning your Masters degree are covered, we want this experience to go beyond reviewing the nuts and bolts of graduate study.

Students who attend Boot-up Camp have opportunities to interact and know their classmates and professors.  During Boot-up Camp, teams of students tackle an imaginative, LDT-focused and technology-dependent Quest, produced by our own Bernie Dodge — Teams explore the field and come to conclusions about what it takes to be a successful practitioner.

In the first year of Boot-up Camp, students visited three local organizations — Sony Entertainment America, County of San Diego, and San Diego Zoo Global — where they learned about doing instructional design first-hand, from EDTEC alums. New students, online and campus alike, benefit from the range of Boot-up Camp experiences. Faculty are pleased with the effort to meet and work with new students outside of the typical course environment. If you are an incoming student, watch for your Boot-up Camp opportunity in August each year.

The Fall 2014 Boot-Up Camp will be held August 21 through 23.

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